I first documented PATINA in May 2021 and have since worked with them on multiple tours. In that time, I have learned a lot about the music industry and understood some of the huge milestones you can achieve as an artist. 
In 2019, on the 6th of august, PATINA won the KarriereKanonen, the national contest for upcoming artists in Denmark. A competition many musicians dream of winning. The talent competition finals were held at Smukfest, and as the winner of the competition, PATINA was booked for Smukfest 2020. 
Now it is the 6th of August, 2022, a pandemic has passed, and PATINA is at long last performing at Smukfest on the Star Stage - exactly three years after they won KarriereKanonen. Since the summer of 2019, they have toured the country multiple times, released two studio albums and accumulated lots of experience on stage. 
The concert was incredible and felt surreal, and I was blown away by the size of the crowd. As usual, everyone in the band maintained a high energy level and connected with the crowd in a way they only know how. I loved every moment as I documented the show. However, when asked if I got some good shots, my body had been full of so much adrenaline that my memory was a complete haze. Now that I have finished editing the photos, I can confidently say they turned out pretty good. Enjoy!
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